GLIMMPSE Sample Size Software

Version 3

New Design Possibilities. Easier to Use. Better Navigation.
  • GLIMMPSE V3 substantially expands the range of designs for which power and sample size can be computed. The coverage includes a wide range of general linear mixed models for statistical details, please see Chi, Glueck, Muller (2019). 
  • Custom contrast matrices are now allowed for both within and between effects. The new feature eliminates the need for Matrix Mode.
  • Cluster size limits have been removed. Cluster sizes can now be arbitrarily large without affecting computational speed, accuracy, or computability.
  • Means are easier to enter for complex designs. Only the means for the factors in the hypothesis of interest are needed. 
  • All version 2 json files are read by version 3. The reverse is not true.
  • The underlying software is now easier to support and has increased longevity. 
  • We maintain our commitment to open source software.
  • A user login system will be implemented soon.

Copyright 2017 University of Colorado Denver. GLIMMPSE is released under the GNU General Public License, version 2.