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The use of this site is free and always will be. 

We provide researchers such as behavioral and social scientists with tools and education related to the following aspects of study design:

  • Calculating power and sample size for any univariate or multivariate test for the
    general linear multivariate model, assuming fixed predictors.
  • Producing confidence intervals on power estimates for designs with fixed
  • Producing power calculations for designs with a single Gaussian covariate.
  • Supporting designs with unequal group sizes, and complicated covariance
  • Creating basic power curves.

To calculate power or sample size, click on the ‘Calculate Power & Sample Size Now’ tab above.  For educational materials related to study design, please peruse the papers found under the ‘Education’ tab.


Funding Information:

Development of GLIMMPSE 1.0.1 was funded by an American Recovery and Re-investment Act supplement (3K07CA088811-06S) for NCI grant K07CA088811.  Both the parent grant and supplement were awarded to the University of Colorado Denver, (Deborah Glueck, PI).  Additional funding was provided by NIDCR 1 R01 DE020832-01A1 to the University of Florida (Keith Muller, PI; Deborah Glueck, University of Colorado site PI).  The funding from NCI allowed the development of the GLIMMPSE software.  The additional funding from NIDCR permitted extensive architecture changes which will eventually support power for the general linear mixed model, as well as supporting beta testing and final software release activities.
Additional support for Dr. Muller was provided in part by NIHNIDCR grants U54-DE019261, NIHNCRR grant K30-RR022258, NIHNHLBI grant R01-HL091005 and NIHNIAAA grant R01-AA013458-01.


Please Note:

This website provides free access to software and other educational materials helpful with calculating power and sample size.  However, it does not provide consultation regarding the calculation of power or sample size, or any other matter except for the use of the above-mentioned software and materials.