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Who We Are

Who We Are is a website dedicated to helping scientists and researchers calculate accurate sample size and power in order to best achieve the goals of their studies.  We provide free access to the GLIMMPSE software for calculating sample size and power, tutorials related to sample size and power, and links to related sites and software.  Use of and the GLIMMPSE software is free, and always will be.  The creation of this website and related programs and software has been made possible by support from the National Health Institute (NIH).


Researchers do not often have access to the statistical tools needed to create a successful study.  Our goal at is to make accurate power and sample size outputs available to all scientists and researchers.  The GLIMMPSE software provides free, user friendly power and sample size analyses to assist researchers in creating the most successful study possible.  GLIMMPSE is available both online and as a free download.

In addition to the GLIMMPSE software and website, provides tutorials for calculating sample size and power in both written and video form, and has open forum for questions related to power and sample size analyses.  While we encourage the free use of our own GLIMMPSE software, our primary goal is the adoption of the most accurate methods for power and sample size analyses.