Biostatistics Research Team Recognized by AMSTAT News for Two Grant Awards

Keith Muller, Ph.D., professor in the Department of Health Outcomes and Policy, and his co-investigator Deborah H. Glueck, Ph.D., associate professor of biostatistics and radiology in the University of Colorado Denver School of Public Health, were featured in a December AMSTAT News article for their two recent grant awards. The first grant, from the National Library of Medicine, totals $50,000 per year for three years and will allow Muller and Glueck to write a textbook on how to design multilevel and longitudinal studies effectively. The second grant, from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, totals roughly $200,000 per year for four years and will facilitate the creation of a short course on multilevel and longitudinal health studies.

More information about the grants and their objectives is available here .